• Zombies auf Mallorca - Teil 1: Urlaub war gestern (ZOMBIEKALYPSE NOW)

    Zombies auf Mallorca - Teil 1: Urlaub war gestern (ZOMBIEKALYPSE NOW) Door: Damon Whitehead,

    Harro, Dralle, Schrippe und Tank sind alte Freunde, die im Laufe der Jahre getrennte Wege gegangen sind, sich aber dennoch nie wirklich aus den Augen verloren haben. Ein lang geplanter und heiß ersehnter Urlaub auf Mallorca mündet in den totalen Wahnsinn.Zwei Tage nach ihrer Ankunft wimmelt es in S'Arenal, der deutschen Touristenhochburg, nur so von Zombies. Telefon und TV funktionieren bereits nicht mehr. Wie es scheint, ist nicht nur das Mekka der Partyurlauber betroffen, sondern ganz Mallorca. Dem Quartett gelingt es, sich in ein Hotel zu retten. Nun suchen sie nach einer Möglichkeit, die Todesinsel zu verlassen. Der Weg hinaus führt sie durch von Zombies verseuchtes Gebiet ...Neue überarbeitete Auflage!"Mallorca im Zombie-Fieber! Damon Whitehead ist wirklich und wahrhaftig der ungekrönte König des Schunds. Krönt ihn endlich!"HorrorgazetteZombiekalypse Now - Band 2ZOMBIEKALYPSE NOW!Die Welt ist nicht mehr so, wie wir sie kennen, die Zivilisation liegt zerstört in Trümmern.Ein aggressives Virus hat den größten Teil der Menschheit getötet oder in menschenfressende Untote verwandelt.Doch nicht nur Du hast überlebt, sondern auch Nazis, Islamisten, Irre und andere fragwürdige Mitglieder der menschlichen Rasse.Sei auf der Hut!Überlebe!

  • MaMaMa: Magical Director Mako-chan’s Magical Guidance (MaMaMa: Magical Director Mako-chan's Magical Guidance)

    MaMaMa: Magical Director Mako-chan’s Magical Guidance (MaMaMa: Magical Director Mako-chan's Magical Guidance) Door: OKAYADO,

    Mako-chan is striving to become a professional witch, but before she can graduate from school, she must travel to the human world to complete her studies. It is there she meets a lewd young man named Onodera Junji, whose intentions for Mako-chan are far from pure! Can Mako-chan's magical skills transform a pervert like Junji into a good person or is her witchy career over before it's begun?!

  • Phönix und Affe: Ein Splittermond-Roman (German Edition)

    Phönix und Affe: Ein Splittermond-Roman (German Edition) Door: Judith C. Vogt,

    Von seiner Vergangenheit heimgesucht und auf der Flucht vor einem rachsüchtigen Geist beschließt der desertierte Schwertmeister Zhihou, den verbotenen Phönix-Kampfstil zu erlernen und als stummer Kampfmönch durch die Lande von Zhoujiang zu ziehen.Bei seinen Wanderungen trifft er auf die rätselhafte Ming-Na, die selbst Grundzüge der seltenen Phönix-Kunst anwendet. Er weigert sich zunächst, sie als Schülerin anzunehmen, doch sie weiß von einer brennenden Karte des Phönix, die zu der heiligen Stätte führen soll, die Zhihou sucht. Eine abenteuerliche Reise beginnt ... Ein weiterer phantastischer Roman aus Lorakis, der Welt des dreifach mit dem deutschen Rollenspielpreis ausgezeichneten Rollenspiels Splittermond.

  • Her Mountain Sanctuary (Mills & Boon Superromance) (The Brodys of Lightning Creek, Book 6)

  • Japanese Cooking with Manga

    Japanese Cooking with Manga Door: Alexis Aldeguer,

    Three friends walk you through their best Japanese recipes—in expressive, humorous illustrations! Cooking should be fun, and this highly entertaining Japanese cookbook for beginners is packed full of humor and whimsical illustrations. Japanese Cooking with Manga started out as "Gourmand Gohan," a hand-drawn and hand-bound edition that the three co-authors circulated among their friends in Barcelona. Each author has a unique take on Japanese food preparation—but they are all equally passionate about food and how it brings people together. Simple, step-by-step Japanese food recipes are accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations and commentary on each page, making this manga cookbook read more like a graphic novel than your average collection of recipes. Information about Japanese culture and traditional Japanese cuisine are presented in a charming and accessible way, making learning a new style of cooking as educational as it is entertaining. The colorful manga art and comic-style stories within this illustrated cookbook will appeal to the serious foodie and experimental chef alike. Easy homestyle recipes with a Japanese twist include: Okonomiyaki Japanese Pizza Codfish Tempura Shogayaki Stir-fried Pork with Ginger Ham and Cheese Potstickers And 55 moreThese three home cooks took on the world of Japanese food culture—and now, with the stories and recipes in this adventurous Japanese cookbook, so can you and your friends.

  • Mandarin Chinese Characters Language Practice Pad: Learn Mandarin Chinese in Just a Few Minutes a Day! (Fully Romanized) (Tuttle Practice Pads)

    Mandarin Chinese Characters Language Practice Pad: Learn Mandarin Chinese in Just a Few Minutes a Day! (Fully Romanized) (Tuttle Practice Pads) Door: Xin Liang,

    Five minutes a day is all it takes to begin learning Chinese! The perfect guide for busy people who want to learn Chinese, Mandarin Chinese Characters Language Practice Pad helps even those completely unfamiliar with the language learn and write the 332 most essential Chinese characters—in just five minutes a day! Each sheet is designed to help beginners master these characters quickly and efficiently and introduces a new character—showing how it is pronounced and written along with its meaning and related vocabulary. The reverse side of each sheet offers sample phrases and sentences on how to use the words in their correct context. The boxes provided encourage students to practice writing a new character each day so that they can learn them correctly. Ideal for HSK Levels 1 & 2 as well as AP Exam Prep, this easy-to-use language primer also includes a 16-page study booklet.

  • Chinese Myths and Legends

    Chinese Myths and Legends Door: Shelley Fu,

    This colorfully illustrated multicultural children's book presents Chinese fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a vibrant literary culture. Chinese Myths and Legends is a delightful collection of seven classic Chinese stories that make for great reading adventures. From the stories of Pan Gu and Nu Wo, creators of the world, to Bai Su-Tzin, a snake who took on human form and found true love, this mesmerizing book includes myths of creation, mortality, and love.More than just a Chinese children's storybook, Chinese Myths and Legends also explores the historical impact and roots of each tale, inviting you and the children you love to enjoy the many layers of meaning contained within them fully. The included pronunciation guide, as well as information for further reading, makes this a perfect tool for educators, librarians, and parents.

  • Dames In Sleeping Quarters

    Dames In Sleeping Quarters Door: Sherry Litoris,

    We know you're going to just read the free sample preview anyway. You should. This book is hot. A trashy, sleazy, *full-length* (100+ Pages) post-censorship erotic novel. But, if you really want, here's the briefest of excerpts:This is," he solemnly said, "the most demanding of any duty I've been assigned in the war. You're a brave girl to bear it as you do, Miss Meade."She swallowed at the constriction in her throat and said clearly, "Our boys at Shiloh and Manassas and Antietam were brave. My parents were brave. Giving up my hair is nothing at all to what they gave up. It's nothing at all to what I'm prepared to give up for the Confederate States of America."

  • All About Korea

    All About Korea Door: Ann Martin Bowler,

    **2012 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award Winner** There are now over 1.5 million Korean-Americans living in the United States including 100,000 adopted children. All About Korea is perfect for educators and parents wishing to teach kids about this rich Asian culture. This Korean children's book is an excellent introduction to the culture and history of Korea. It highlights favorite games, foods, special holiday times, and after-school activities specific to Korea. With All About Korea, kids will: Learn how to play the exciting Korean see-saw game with a friend and how to play jegi (Korean hacky-sack) Learn how to sing "Happy Birthday" in Korean and how to sing "Arirang" (Korea's most beloved song) Learn how kids say "hello!" and other essential words and phrases in Korean Learn how to make a white tiger puppet Enjoy traditional Korean stories such as Taming a Tiger and Two Foolish Green Frogs Enjoy easy Korean recipes for delicious treats like kimbap (roll-your-own wraps) and songpyeon (sweet filled rice cakes). A timeless Korean book for kids and parents to treasure together, All About Korea offers not only the most significant facts about this unique country but also conveys the unique spirit that makes it one-of-a-kind.

  • Forty Shades of Green (Rags to Riches Book 15) (English Edition)

    Forty Shades of Green (Rags to Riches Book 15) (English Edition) Door: Ted Bun,

    Rags, the Uncovered Policeman, or as the passport office has him listed Sabbath Faversham Adiscombe is doing some clients a favour. He has travelled to the Republic of Ireland to help a couple make choices about investing their savings in a new home. One where they can pursue one of their favourite hobby. A hobby they want to share with friends. Why?Because Rags has experience of the special characteristics that this house will have to possess. Forty Shades of Green, is a short story and is part of the Rags to Riches series of stories.

  • Undercover Hacker (White Hat Security Book 4) (English Edition)

    Undercover Hacker (White Hat Security Book 4) (English Edition) Door: Linzi Baxter,

    Sophie and Agent White's book. More coming soon!

  • FACTORY RAT!: Get A Real Job (English Edition)

    FACTORY RAT!: Get A Real Job (English Edition) Door: David Royce,

    Have you ever wondered who makes engine blocks for your vehicle, or various "do-dads" on the things you use every day? Probably not because YOU DON'T CARE! How can you be so callous? I'm not yelling at you. It's me, not you. I have issues. This is the story about me and my job working in a factory. It covers a week in my life and includes all the drudgery, weirdness, and insane company policies you would expect from that kind of work environment. I tried to make it funny. I may have failed. But I can assure you that every story in here is true and every conversation actually took place. I have changed the names of the people and the company because who needs the hassle of having them threaten my life? That's the government's job (and the Mafias job. Same thing). While everything in this book is 100% real, I have exaggerated some details for the sake of humor. Or, as you will come to call it, low brow jokes that are as tasteless as a vegan dinner. This book is for MATURE ADULTS (or those adults who still giggle when their phone battery is at "69" percent). It's not for kids, even though it may look as if a child wrote it. My editor said this about my book: "It is profane and definitely not for everyone. But it is funny AF". I thought that was very kind of him to say "not for everyone" instead of "not for ANYONE". He's a good man. If you've never had to work in an atmosphere like this, you may find this book mind opening If you have ever worked in a factory, you'll probably relate to a lot of the situations I describe. Either way, you will gain insight into a life I had lived for most of my adult life. That last sentence makes me weep. This book contains F-BOMBS galore, completely ridiculous sexual situations, and enough fart and bodily function jokes that would be the envy of any group of 12-year-old boys. I say this here, yet I know at some point someone will complain about the language. Don't be that person. This is all assuming, of course, that anyone even bothers to purchase, read, or review this book. But if I can't get rich with juvenile humor, then what is the purpose of living at all? Buy this book so I don't have to think about that too much. It doesn't cost a lot of money and my happiness can be your reward. But you don't care, do you, DAD? I mean, customers. Nothing else to see here. I hope you enjoy!

  • Alessandro: BWWM Romance (Members From Money Book 21) (English Edition)

    Alessandro: BWWM Romance (Members From Money Book 21) (English Edition) Door: Katie Dowe,

    Launch Sale: Just $2.99, guaranteed for 24 hours only! Save 50% over the regular price of $5.99.A sexy romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club. Features another free bonus book.Event coordinator Jayda is the daughter of a pastor and a wholesome churchgoer with traditional values.Her world gets flipped upside down when she meets the heir to a chocolate fortune, Alessandro Romano!Jayda is immediately taken with Alessandro and pursues him, going so far as to tell him that he is the man for her.Alessandro resists at first, but his defenses soon break down…Ever since he returned to the States to hide from his ties to the mafia, Alessandro has been angry and bitter about his checkered past.But sweet and caring Jayda is proving to be the only person to break the hard shell he has built around his heart.Will the two eventually find their happily ever after?Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club.Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll want your own Italian bad boy to cuddle with!

  • Bob Dylan et le rôdeur de minuit (French Edition)

    Bob Dylan et le rôdeur de minuit (French Edition) Door: Michel Embareck,

    Dès la sortie de son premier album en 1962, et alors que sa maison de disques veut le virer, Bob Dylan a obtenu un soutien de taille : Johnny Cash. Immédiatement, les deux hommes se lient d'une vive amitié, l'aîné voyant en son cadet un héritier de la tradition de la musique populaire américaine.Ici, de 1963 à 2016 - année du prix Nobel de littérature attribué à Dylan-, les faits réels alimentent la fiction ; le lecteur croise Martin Luther King, Popcorn Sutter, prince des trafiquants d'alcool clandestin, un Richard Nixon fêlé, Joan Baez, les Beatles, Kris Kristofferson, Alice Cooper, entre New York, Nashville, Saïgon et Paris.Le tout rythmé par les commentaires d'un vieil animateur radio, « le Rôdeur de minuit », qui se trouvait en 1965 à Newport lorsque Dylan fit scandale en grattant une guitare électrique, et en janvier 1968 à la prison de Folsom lors du mythique concert de Johnny Cash.

  • The rain, Tome 02 : Après l'apocalypse (French Edition)

    The rain, Tome 02 : Après l'apocalypse (French Edition) Door: Virginia Bergin,

    Je m'appelle Ruby Morris. Je déteste la pluie.Je vais vous dire un truc étrange au sujet des apocalypses, un truc que je ne savais pas avant d'en vivre une.Ça a l'air assez horrible, hein ?Faites-moi confiance...Ça peut toujours être pire.C'est ce qui arrive quand vous êtes seul, qu'il y a eu une apocalypse mondiale et que vous espérez l'arrivée de votre père comme il l'avait promis, mais qu'il ne se pointe pas. Alors qu'est-ce que vous allez devenir ? Et chaque jour, vous essayez de ne pas vous poser la question...Tout va bien se passer. Ou pas...

  • Asian Kites for Kids

    Asian Kites for Kids Door: Wayne Hosking,

    Kids will learn how to make colorful kites while exploring Asian culture and history with this easy-to-follow craft book for kids. Fun to build and exciting to fly, kites are a universal expression of joy and wonder for enthusiasts of all ages. Asian Kites for Kids features kite building projects that are beautiful and functional—ideal for teachers, camp counselors, parents, and budding young kite makers themselves. Kite making is a traditional Asian craft and an essential aspect of folklore that uses everyday materials to create beautiful works of art. In fact, kites are just as much fun to build as they are to fly! The colorful, easy-to-follow instructions will have readers building and flying fifteen different models from across Asia including China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. With Asian Kites for Kids readers will learn to build: A Butterfly kite from China A Cobra kite from Thailand A Mini kite from Malaysia A Shield kite from Korea An Octopus kite from Japan and much more!This book includes sections on safety, the anatomy of kites, troubleshooting tips, as well as an index of online retailers and resources. Spend hours of fun with your kids and friends crafting handmade Asian kites and exploring the great outdoors while watching your original creations soar.

  • Mr. March (Calendar Men Book 3) (English Edition)

    Mr. March (Calendar Men Book 3) (English Edition) Door: Bailey Bradford,

    FROM BESTSELLING GAY ROMANCE AUTHOR BAILEY BRADFORDBook three in the Calendar Men seriesCuriosity didn’t kill this cat…Jason Eddings is a foreman for a construction company by day and a mountain lion at night. He got suckered into doing a calendar shoot. Little did he know that his sisters, Cindy and Anne, were hoping to set him up with Gregg, another man on the calendar shoot. That never happened, because Gregg met Albert.Jason’s posing for Mr. March, working and running from some memories, and maybe even himself. One night, he runs right into a tranquilizer dart. When he wakes up at a wildlife refuge, he finds himself intrigued by the veterinarian who is watching him.Casey’s a newly graduated veterinarian. He thought there was something special about the mountain lion, but he didn’t have a clue how much his life was about to change.

  • World of Warcraft, Tome 01 : Traveler (French Edition)

    World of Warcraft, Tome 01 : Traveler (French Edition) Door: Greg Weisman,

    Aram, 12 ans, a été abandonné par son père, Greydon, quand il était enfant. C'est dire s'il voit son retour d'un très mauvais oeil. Et ce d'autant plus que Greydon l'embarque sur son bateau sans lui demander son avis. Là, Aram doit tout apprendre, sous la surveillance d'une jeune fille qui le rudoie, Makasa. Alors qu'il commence tout juste à prendre ses marques auprès de l'équipage et à apprivoiser son père, le bateau est attaqué par une bande de pirates.Aram et Makasa, seuls survivants, décident de prendre la route, lui pour rentrer chez sa mère et son beau-père, elle pour retrouver la trace de Greydon. Ils ne le savent pas, mais leur aventure ne fait que commencer... Croisant des créatures souvent hostiles, parfois amies, aidés en cela par le talent d'Aram qui, en dessinant tout ce qu'il voit, a le don d'attendrir la plupart d'entre elles, ils avancent, guidés par une étrange boussole. Greydon l'a léguée à son fils, avec une mission : ne jamais s'en séparer. Mais elle ne désigne par le Nord... Alors où les mène-t-elle ?

  • Practicing Parenthood (Mills & Boon Superromance)

  • Out of This World Paper Airplanes Ebook

    Out of This World Paper Airplanes Ebook Door: Takuo Toda,

    Fold and launch world record-setting paper airplanes! Paper airplane aficionados watched in awe when Takuo Toda launched his Zero Fighter and set the current Guinness World Record for longest flight duration. This landmark kit marks the first time this celebrity paper airplane designer's models have been published outside of Japan—and his fans have been waiting! Toda is a legend with his own museum, where he exhibits his more than 700 original airplane and spaceship designs—including many award-winners. In this airplane kit, Toda shares his 12 best designs, including his Zero Fighter and three signature space shuttles. These high-performance papers have folding lines already printed on them, so they are easy to fold. No glue or other materials are needed—everything is right in the box! The accompanying 64-page full-color book presents the full history of Toda's work as well as simple step-by-step instructions and flying tips. The 12 models in this kit include: The Stag Beetle The Shooter The Icarus The Jupiter space shuttle And the world-record holding Zero Fighter!

  • Write Your Own Haiku for Kids

    Write Your Own Haiku for Kids Door: Patricia Donegan,

    In this fun Japanese children's book, kids will learn to create haiku—elegant and simplistic Japanese poems. Haiku is a uniquely Japanese form of poetry that uses vivid words and imagery to capture a feeling or a moment in just three lines. Short but powerful, haiku poems are easy and fun to write and share with your friends. Haiku has become increasingly popular in school curriculums around the world, particularly among teachers introducing students to the art of poetry as well as Asian history and heritage. The activities in this haiku-for-kids book will show you how to create haiku and will help you to think up meaningful words and images with which you can write beautiful poetry. Write Your Own Haiku For Kids introduces four styles of haiku to readers with clear explanations and numerous examples. This book includes chapters on: Your first haiku—how to get started writing this classic form of poetry Haiku about Nature—a traditional element in haiku Haibun—Haiku with a short story Haiga—Haiku with a drawing Renga—Haiku that you write together with friendsThe study and creation of haiku is a great way to have fun with both writing and reading poetry while exploring remarkable aspects of Japanese culture.

  • Exo, Tome 01 : Exo (French Edition)

    Exo, Tome 01 : Exo (French Edition) Door: Eric Moreau,

    Il y a un siècle, après une guerre meurtrière, la Terre a été colonisée par une civilisation extraterrestre à la technologie avancée : les Zhrees. Même si la paix a finalement été instaurée entre les deux peuples, les Zhrees dominent clairement la planète, l'utilisant comme avant poste militaire et source de matières premières. Sapience, un groupe de résistants, lutte activement pour le retrait des Zhrees et l'indépendance du genre humain.Donovan, 17 ans, est chargé quant à lui de faire régner l'ordre. À l'âge de cinq ans, il a été sélectionné pour être un EXO, un soldat d'élite des Zhrees. Grâce à la technologie extraterrestre, son corps a été renforcé par une exo-armure, le rendant quasi-invincible. Il est aussi le fils du Chef du gouvernement qui collabore avec les Zhrees. Tout ceci destine le jeune homme à un brillant avenir. Jusqu'au jour où une intervention tourne mal et que Donovan est enlevé par Sapience. Il retrouve alors sa mère - celle-ci avait disparu quand il était enfant -, qui est devenue un membre haut placé de la résistance. Peu à peu, Donovan découvre qu'une menace plus grande pèse sur la Terre et que le destin de l'humanité repose maintenant sur ses épaules. Tiraillé entre son devoir d'Exo et son amour pour Anya, une jeune résistante, la tâche s'annonce ardue pour le jeune homme...

  • The Prince and the Dressmaker

    The Prince and the Dressmaker Door: Jen Wang,

    Paris, at the dawn of the modern age:Prince Sebastian is looking for a bride—or rather, his parents are looking for one for him. Sebastian is too busy hiding his secret life from everyone. At night he puts on daring dresses and takes Paris by storm as the fabulous Lady Crystallia—the hottest fashion icon in the world capital of fashion!Sebastian’s secret weapon (and best friend) is the brilliant dressmaker Frances—one of only two people who know the truth: sometimes this boy wears dresses. But Frances dreams of greatness, and being someone’s secret weapon means being a secret. Forever. How long can Frances defer her dreams to protect a friend? Jen Wang weaves an exuberantly romantic tale of identity, young love, art, and family. A fairy tale for any age, The Prince and the Dressmaker will steal your heart.This title has Common Core connections.

  • Little Book of Tokyo

    Little Book of Tokyo Door: Ben Simmons,

    Take a photographic journey through the modern marvels and historical treasures of Tokyo in this informative, portable Japan travel guide. The Little Book of Tokyo is the perfect introduction to this enchanting, ultra-modern megacity and provides an immersive take on Tokyo combining Japanese history, photography and cultural commentary. It weaves a tapestry of the city's many unique idiosyncrasies, offering strategies for exploring the High City to the Low City, Tokyo Bay to the top of Tokyo Skytree, and the most critical places and happenings in between, including architecture, festivals, and landmarks. It also beautifully captures the many inhabitants of Tokyo, painting a rich and multi-faceted picture of this capital city. A series of 50 informative essays are organized into four chapters: Tokyo's Edo Legacy Tokyo Towns City Perspectives Spirit of TokyoIn The Little Book of Tokyo, veteran photojournalist Ben Simmons continues a quest he began over two decades ago to seek out and share his creative viewpoint and insider's perspective. Small enough to carry while traveling in Japan, this book is an ideal travel companion for a Tokyo experience, whether you're planning your trip, on your way, or merely dream of going.

  • Mini Korean Dictionary

    Mini Korean Dictionary Door: Seong-Chui Shin,

    It's never a good idea to be overly–reliant on technology while traveling! Look-up words quickly and easily with this Korean travel dictionary. Tuttle's Mini Korean Dictionary is ideal for any application where a handy and portable dictionary is required. Intended for use by tourists, students, and business people traveling to Korea or as a Korean language study reference Mini Korean Dictionary is an essential tool for communicating in Korean and a great way to learn Korean. It's useful pocket-sized format, and easy-to-read type will make translating Korean much easier.In addition to being an excellent English to Korean dictionary, and Korean to English dictionary Mini Korean Dictionary contains essential notes on the Korean language, Korean grammar, and Korean pronunciation. All Korean words are written in a Romanized form as well as Korean script (hangul) so that in the case of difficulties the book can directly be shown to the person the user is trying to communicate with. This mini dictionary contains the following essential features: Bidirectional Korean to English and English to Korean Over 12,000 crucial Korean words, as well as useful Korean expressions and idioms A basic overview of Korean grammar and pronunciation All the latest Korean social media and computer terms May be used for all U.S. ESL standardized testing

  • Sur la ligne blanche (French Edition)

    Sur la ligne blanche (French Edition) Door: Michel Embareck,

    Deux jeunes journalistes plutôt paumés, nettement imbibés, roulent dans une Cadillac de collection. Ils cherchent à percer l'énigme de la disparition de Langlet, pape du rock, star des médias. A 30 ans, buveur, shooté, don juan armé de son perfecto et de ses santiags croco, ce golden Rastignac ne s'est pas fait que des amis dans le showbiz... et c'est bien pour ça que sa disparition suscite tant la curiosité.Des ferrailles des banlieues dortoirs aux sunlights du Palace, de Paris à New York en passant par Marseille et Le Havre, l'enquête mène les deux journalistes à la rencontre des espèces les plus douteuses qui peuplent la nuit, le tout sur les rythmes du punk-rock ou du blues. Une descente féroce dans les coulisses peu fréquentables du show-business, la fresque d'une génération pour laquelle le rock n'était pas qu'une musique à danser. Première édition : Autrement (1975)

  • All About China

    All About China Door: Allison Branscombe,

    **Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2015 Preferred Choice Award** **Winner of the Independent Publisher Book Award Silver Medal** **Winner of Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 2015 Silver Medal** Take the whole family on a whirlwind tour of Chinese culture and history with this award-winning, delightfully illustrated book complete with stories, activities, and games. This Chinese children's book is perfect for educators and parents wishing to teach kids about this fascinating Asian country. Travel from the stone age through the dynasties to the present day with songs and crafts for kids that will educate them about Chinese language and the Chinese way of life. With All About China kids will: Discover fantastic Chinese tales about the creation of the earth and the origin of the Moon Goddess Delve into China's multifaceted cultural heritage, visit breathtaking sites, and learn Chinese folk songs Take a crack at solving a tangram shape puzzle Learn about the twelve Chinese zodiac animals Try their hand at making a traditional brush painting of a panda, bamboo, and other motifsA timeless Chinese book for kids and parents to treasure together, All About China offers not only the essential facts about this unique country but also conveys the innovative spirit that makes it one-of-a-kind.

  • Tomoko Fuse's Origami Boxes

    Tomoko Fuse's Origami Boxes Door: Tomoko Fuse,

    With this origami-how-to book, learn how to fold unique gift boxes that are as unique as the treasures they hold! Considered the most famous living origami master, Tomoko Fuse is known for her expertise in box-folding and other origami paper craft styles. The simple flat box, or tato, is an excellent introduction to the art of beginner origami and allows readers to "start small," then build to more intricate pieces. Handmade paper boxes are an expression of origami crafts at their very best. Experiment with different thicknesses, textures, and origami paper designs of paper for a true one-of-a-kind presentation. Step by step instructions and diagrams guide you from start to finish as you create: Flat boxes in several different shapes Boxes with multifaceted tops Box tops with spiraled flourishes And so much moreOrigami box folding is a relaxing and satisfying craft for all levels of expertise and—with a little practice and this easy origami book—gift-giving will never be the same.

  • See you in the cosmos (Littérature 12 ans et +) (French Edition)

    See you in the cosmos (Littérature 12 ans et +) (French Edition) Door: Dominique Kugler,

    Alex Petroski, 11 ans, est passionné de sciences. Son héros, c'est Carl Sagan ; il l'admire tellement qu'il a donné son nom au chiot abandonné que sa maman l'a laissé adopter. D'ailleurs, sa maman n'est pas contrariante : tant qu'Alex lui fait la cuisine et ne l'embête pas pendant les journées qu'elle passe au lit, elle est plutôt permissive. Elle n'émet donc pas d'objections lorsque son fils lui annonce qu'il part seul à un congrès de fans d'aérospatiale.Le périple d'Alex commence. Au fur et à mesure, il en enregistre le compte-rendu sur un iPod qu'il prévoit d'envoyer dans l'espace, à l'attention d'éventuels extraterrestres. Il s'adresse directement à eux, spéculant sur leur apparence, leur habitat, leurs moeurs...Arrivé au congrès, il rencontre Steve, Nathan et Zed. Conquis par sa verve, sa passion et sa grande maturité, les trois jeunes hommes le prennent sous leur aile, et proposent de le ramener chez lui.En chemin, se noue entre les quatre acolytes une amitié dont chacun sortira changé - et grandi.

  • Rapture (English Edition)

    Rapture (English Edition) Door: Jeremy Stanford,

    First time parents Tim and Nicole give birth to a baby with a halo.For a couple of atheists, it's a bit of a shock.In what should be the most auspicious moment of their lives, the couple find themselves scrambling for what to do next. When the child performs his first miracle, they realise they may well have the second coming on their hands.As they go to ground to hatch a plan, their cover is blown, and the church is brought into the frame. But not before the leader of a fanatical religious sect catches wind of their story and vows to have the child for his own.With the church, the fanatical fringe, and even their own family wanting a piece of the new messiah, can Tim and Nicole find a way to bring God to the world without turning the exercise into a circus?In his gripping and darkly comic debut novel, Stanford explores the fight for the ownership of God, and tries to imagine what the world would do if there really were a second coming.

  • Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette

    Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette Door: Boye Lafayette De Mente,

    In Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette veteran Japanologist Boye Lafayette De Mente unlocks the mysteries of Kata — the cultural forms that shape and define Japanese attitudes, behavior and character. These forms are responsible for creating the unique traits and talents which distinguishes the Japanese people. Kata governs virtually all interactions in Japan and remains the key to understanding Japanese business etiquette as well as daily communication. In seventy short, clear essays ranging from "The Art of Bowing" and "Importance of the Apology" to "The Compulsion for Quality" and "Exchanging Name Cards", De Mente unravels the complexities of Japanese culture and etiquette by exploring the origin, nature, use and influence of Kata in Japanese life. By virtually delving into Japanese history and the collective Japanese psyche, readers will experience the modern expressions of this ancient culture and specific way of thinking.

  • Viciados em Sucesso: Como Condicionar Sua Mente Para Atrair Tudo o Que Você Deseja (imparavel.club Livro 6) (Portuguese Edition)

    Viciados em Sucesso: Como Condicionar Sua Mente Para Atrair Tudo o Que Você Deseja (imparavel.club Livro 6) (Portuguese Edition) Door: Paulo Wesley,

    Quase todos nós sentimos como se estivéssemos aquém de alcançar tudo o que queremos e tudo o que podemos. A maioria de nós nem sequer escolheu o caminho em que nos encontramos atualmente - não escolhemos trabalhar na carreira em que trabalhamos atualmente e provavelmente também não escolhemos ativamente aonde viver. Ou pelo menos é assim que nos sentimos.Estamos, portanto, muitas vezes insatisfeitos com o que nossas vidas acabam se tornando. Acabamos de gastar grande maioria do nosso dia trabalhando em um trabalho em que não somos particularmente apaixonados ou entusiasmados e depois chegamos a casa tão cansados que não podemos fazer nada excitante ou interessante. Então acabamos ficando de frente na TV, assistindo lixo.Isso é realmente o que você queria que seus dias fossem? É assim que você desejava passar todos os dias da sua vida? Assistindo a televisão e sem realizar nada de significativo?A resposta para a maioria de nós é: não. Sonhávamos em ser estrelas do rock, pilotos, empresários de sucesso... talvez você sonhasse com ser rico e ficar no topo de um prédio alto enquanto olhava para a cidade abaixo, vestindo o seu terno de 10 mil reais.Mas como as coisas acabaram tão diferente? Como você se encontrou preso em um trabalho sem saída? Sente-se muito cansado para perseguir seus sonhos?Bem, você terá que continuar lendo esse livro para descobrir exatamente o que o levou a seguir esse caminho e como você pode mudar sua condição. Mas basta dizer que você está na situação em que você está, porque você permitiu.Nós realmente temos escolha quando se trata do que queremos fazer com nossas vidas, como queremos passar nosso tempo e quem queremos ser. Se você está trabalhando em um trabalho que não gosta, se você está acima do peso, se você nunca teve a chance de ver o mundo... tudo isso é o resultado de suas escolhas.Mas você não precisa se sentir assim.O propósito desse livro é fortalecê-lo. Para lhe devolver o poder de escolha e para ajudá-lo a reconhecer o seu tempo. Mais do que isso, examinaremos algumas etapas concretas e diretas que você pode tomar para começar a usar sua liberdade e seu poder e exercitar sua vontade para que possa obter a vida que você sempre quis.Você está pronto para mudar a maneira como as pessoas veem você?Para mudar a maneira como você se sente? E para desfrutar o sucesso além de seus sonhos mais loucos?Eu vou assumir que você está pensando 'sim' neste momento.O Que Você Aprenderá neste livro:Especificamente, este livro irá ensinar você:- Por que sua mentalidade define seu sucesso na vida;- Como funciona a Lei da Atração;- Como usar 'kaizen' e pequenas mudanças;- Como assumir riscos e parar de sentir-se abatido;- Como usar "configuração de medo";- Como fazer metas e planos;- Como conhecer o propósito da sua vida;- Como empregar a TCC para mudar a maneira como você vê o mundo;- Como sair de sua rotina e começar a viver uma vida verdadeiramente gratificante e incrível!ADQUIRA ESTE LIVRO AGORA MESMO E COMECE A MUDAR SUA VIDA AINDA HOJE!