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    The wind of time (English Edition) Door: ALAN BARGMAN,

    With the thaw the plague intensified again. The people fell in the churches during the service. And somehow pretrpela at all. It was not that letosniho, dark horror. Not scattered, does not shy away pastaroni. Averting her face, lifted, carried the dead. Everyone knew, knew: tomorrow will be able to prispet and hour. And still, when summer depopulated, deserted Moscow there was a rumor that was sick old captain Vasily Protasis, evil news stirred up the whole town.

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    The Shadow Citadel (English Edition) Door: ALAN BARGMAN,

    The subway doors closed behind the back of an elderly man who had just jumped into the car. The end of the working day meant a large crowd of people, eager to get home quickly, and forget about the routine. The man breathed deeply, pressing his forehead against the cold railing. It was clear that he had been difficult to run to the train.

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    Unstable shadow (English Edition) Door: ALAN BARGMAN,

    Cantina was disgusting even for the most unpretentious taste. Of course, it would be foolish to expect from a drinking establishment located in the district of, one of the poorest areas of, fine cuisine and pleasant service, but the "Drunk " in this plan could give one hundred points to any competitor. However, the name completely reflected the essence of the institution: it was really easy to get drunk to a pig's screech here.

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    Virago (English Edition) Door: ALAN BARGMAN,

    And therefore especially erotic. The very young visitor who was shy shifting from one foot to the other caught a look the seductive delights which shook over a table, was embarrassed even more and unexpectedly densely reddened. The decision ripened instantly. Even without looking in the documents lying before it, Aleksandra already knew that the guy will work in her department. And anywhere differently. But it was necessary to observe the proprieties.