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    On a HIGH: Short Poems (English Edition) Door: Attoor Sreekanthanezhuthachan,

    The attempt of a man who is not drunk but intoxicated from the hangover of previous night. The poems are the random work of a chemical engineer working for a major oil company in middle east. The author is connecting to the world through his poems. The views addressed in these poem are all his own perception of relationship , human qualities etc. These are all his own imagination and have nothing to do with any body else in the world.oh ! come on Sree....Now let me tell you the truth. this is the first time I am publishing a book. I don't have an idea how to sell my books. I never thought writing product description was so difficult. I tried to find it out from couple of writers i know .... failed to do so. I tried google.... no chance...So I stop here...I am Sree, love to write.Hope you will enjoy my poemsPeople.... her I come :) When i sat out to write the description of the book

  • girls-from-weintraub

    On a HIGH: Short Poems (English Edition) Door: ATTOOR SREEKANTHANEZHUTHACHAN,

    . The poems are the random work of an engineer working with a major oil company in the middle east.I started writing since 1993, but never had the confidence to let others read my work. In June-17, I removed all what I did till then and wrote a poem and then one more and today, after five months have written 66 short poems. This book has eighteen of those. “My heart has a room in the midst,Wherein I keep myself lockedOnce in a while, I do open it,And let someone come insideOnce in, you never go out of it For, me never open the exit doorNow you are mine, in my heart“You”, lifetime friend of mineI was born in a village called Attoor, Kerala India, but living in the middle east, but my thoughts are always roaming around somewhere back home in Kerala. I always want to be back at Attoor at my home where there is nature (the forest, the river, the mountain, the asurankundu lake, the dam) and my heart which has you inside. Attoor Sreekanthanezhuthachan is my Pen name. Pretty big right, so call me Sree…Dear reader please enjoy what I have to offer and send me your feedbacks on can also follow my blog