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    Welcome to 2018. Glorious things are written concerning you this year! You must speak and pray the will of God into your family, finance, and future. It is a year of fulfilment of God’s promises for those who believe.In the Eighteenth year following the oppression of the children of Israel by Eglon, king of Moab in Judges 3:12-30, God rose up to deliver them when they cried to Him. Similarly in Judges 10:6-18, the Philistines harassed and oppressed the Israelites for eighteen years. They prayed and God delivered them from oppression. The Eighteenth year of this millennium (2018) shall therefore be a year of TERMINATION OF OPPRESSION AND DELIVERANCE FROM EVERY FORM OF BONDAGE.God is the Lifter up of your head. In Luke 13, God said enough is enough to the bondage that made it impossible for a woman to enjoy lifting for eighteen years. In this 2018, you shall enter your season of LIFTING, LAUGHTER AND LIBERATION.This book will help you to pray your way into God’s plan and purpose for you and all your loved ones in 2018. I congratulate you for YOUR YEAR OF EXCEEDING INCREASE AND ABUNDANT BLESSINGS!

  • girls-from-weintraub


    Life operates in opposites, the opposites of increase is decrease. A person’s life, livelihood, fortune or destiny can be increasing or decreasing. The symptoms of a decreasing destiny is demotion, dejection, disease, depression, delay, denial, derail, desecration, devaluation or death, whereas a life of Increase will be characterised by progress, promotion, power, prosperity, procreation, provisions, productivity and possessions. God is a God of Increase and has destined you for increase as part of His creational mandate to man (Gen. 1:28). However, there is the satanic opposite that is hell-bent at launching an SKD attack aimed at stealing, killing and destroying your God ordained Increase. You must not fold your arms and watch the enemy of your increase and to command by the various weapons of spiritual warfare, your divine INCREASE to come forth and break forth.