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Mémoires olympiques (French Edition)

Door: Pierre de Coubertin

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This is the most intelligent, sarcastic, thought provoking book I have read. Oh, wait! I think I was describing the author. The book is remarkable as well.
2018-02-11 15:13

Imagine the perfect example of a childhood you could one day relate to your grandchildren. Next, read this book. You'll find that this book is far better than what you imagined.
2018-02-11 16:13

Maybe the best Reacher yet. A great grabber of an opening scene, and it never slows down. Be ready to stay up late reading!
2018-02-11 17:13

This was a beautiful and heart warming story. This book was much deeper than your run of the mill broken hearted teen age love story. What I loved so much about this story is that it is a story about finding yourself. A quick but worth wild read!
2018-02-11 18:13

i'm fascinated, as usual by the negative reviews of this book. ive never read anything that spoke to me about teaching the way this book did, and about the rest of the stuff we're all to deal with in general. perhaps the people who dont get it arent rebels at heart...perhaps they are individuals who havent had a boss scold them or perhaps theyve just always felt in control. but i am grateful for this book, and moreso for frank mc court writing about everything he chose to detail in all three, angela's ashes, tis, and teacher man with the voice with which he chose to portray them - humor. its humor, its all humor, which apparently some people didnt get... im sure we all gravitate towards books that speak about our own experiences and from our own view point. so other than not being irish, ive dealt with alcholic loved ones, and being misunderstood and fired at work, and mostly, teaching the hardest population to teach, which i do in juvenile hall and camp in los angeles. after wondering about how long it was going to be so hard...i found my copy of teacher man and skimmed through it - there it was, the scene about what you find in the classroom with the doo-whoppers in the back of the room singing...as nowadays we have "rappers" who not only constantly rap, but beat on the desk. and of course my favorite, the story of the sandwich on his first day, AND getting scolded by the principal, AND then bonding with his students over it. exactly which part of this book didn't people get? and condescending it certainly IS NOT. I LOVE YOU FRANK MC COURT, FOR GIVING ME PEACE OF MIND AND REMINDING ME THAT I SHOULD ALWAYS, ALWAYS WALK INTO THAT CLASSROOM WITH MY SENSE OF HUMOR IN TACT. Any teacher who walks in the room with out one, well you might think you are a "grand" teacher, but in the end, the best teachers are the ones who simply love their students, therefore love being a teacher. especially an english teacher because the meaning is always more important than the spelling or punctuation...
2018-02-11 19:13

Tutto superera  (Italian Edition)

Tutto superera (Italian Edition)

Door: Justine Henderson

I loved The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Could not put it down. The Girl Who Played with Fire was too too much and I was disappointed. I had "heard" that this was better than the second which it was. I am glad that I read it. It was enjoyable. If the fourth book ever gets off of Steig's computer, I'd love to know what other kind of trouble Salander can find to keep herself entertained.
2018-02-11 20:13

There's not much to say about this one. It was a very quick read(less than 200 pages long). The story was too fast to have an effect on me. It was okay. I've read worse. "Looking for J.J" was a more interesting book by Anne Cassidy.
2018-02-11 21:13

El Rayo de la Creación I (Spanish Edition)

El Rayo de la Creación I (Spanish Edition)

Door: Juan Antonio Perez Hurtado

I found myself reading the last chapter of this book a few times, trying to convince myself that it wasn't really over. :-(
2018-02-11 22:13

La historia de la república

La historia de la república

Door: Chumel Torres

All while I read this delightful book, I had the urge to be reading it aloud to someone. It is story-telling at its finest. The twists and turns never became tedious or hard to follow, the characters were unique and well-defined, the story did not seem contrived, even though it might be described as a type of ghost story. Although I loved Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights when I was a teenager (books to which this has has been compared), I had a hard time picturing things which, at the time seemed so foreign to me, always wondering just what a “moor” looks like. This novel was written with vivid descriptions without seeming wordy. Mostly it was just a good story. Loved it.
2018-02-11 23:13