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I'm reading this despite my feelings of Nicholas Sparks books (sappy, depressing). A good friend said I would not be disappointed.
2018-02-11 01:36

Me encanta, es mi libro favorito, lo he leído y releído y cada vez me río más
2018-02-11 02:36

Finally, I have finished this book. Now I just have to summarise it. And do 50 focus questions. Bloody hell...
2018-02-11 03:36

Wow... This is a good book, but with a little bit too much romantic drama.
2018-02-11 04:36

The story begins in an isolated corner of Oz, in the small country of Oogaboo. There Queen Ann Soforth musters an unlikely army and sets off to conquer the rest of Oz. Meanwhile, a girl from Oklahoma named Betsy Bobbin and her companion, Hank the mule, are shipwrecked and washed ashore in the Rose Kingdom, a magical land of talking roses. There they meet the Shaggy Man, who is on a quest to rescue his brother from the clutches of the wicked Nome King. Betsy, Hank, and the Rose Princess join the Shaggy Man on his journey, and before long they meet up with Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter; Tik-Tok; and Queen Ann with her army. The rest of Baum's tale is filled with hairbreadth escapes, wild puns, and magic.
2018-02-11 05:36

This is a spectacular little book on the discipline of Christian meditation. Filled with wonderful reflections and instructions. I read a portion almost daily.
2018-02-11 06:36

Mango (English Edition)

Mango (English Edition)

Door: Andrzej Potocki

So far it is very interesting and makes good use of examples to show what arguably could otherwise be abstract and unclear.
2018-02-11 07:36

I really loved this book, so I'm not sure why it isn't a five-star book, but it just isn't. Maybe because there are way too many horse books out there, and parts of this seemed slightly derivative of The Hunger Games.
2018-02-11 08:36

Thought it was charming.
2018-02-11 09:36

definitely a change of pace. not quite up there with what i've come to expect from this series. and even a little more predictable in this volume... but it does set up nicely for the next one (which may have an even stronger impact because of this volume's more moderate tone).
2018-02-11 10:36